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banana cream pie

last call! this strain is retiring soon...

banana pie transparent (Medium)

banana cream pie

a hybrid cross of blue dream, banana og, and ocean beach.

A heavy body strain that tastes of orange, spearmint, and sweet pie. This strain is calming to the mind and body.

THC: 14 22%. 70% Indica 30% Sativa


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about the strain

Indulge in the sweet and creamy flavors of Banana Cream Pie! This delicious hybrid strain is the perfect combination of Blue Dream, Banana OG, and Ocean Beach. Boasting a heavy body high, Banana Cream Pie has a distinct flavor of orange, spearmint, and sweet pie. Enjoy the medium to large-sized flowers that are chunky and irregularly-shaped and covered in cloudy, transparent trichomes. With its indica-leaning structure and mossy green leaves, Banana Cream Pie is sure to provide calming effects to the mind and body. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this sweet strain today!

banana cream pie concentrate
banana cream pie flower
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