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doc's og

doc's og

og pine and fuel scent with dizzying euphoria followed by body tingling high.

Often described as “potent,” and known to leave users in a state of full body relaxation. Suitable for evening or nighttime use.

THC: 14-24%, 90% Indica, 10% Sativa

Terp (1.85%) B-Myrcene: .5% or 5 mg/g Limonene: .48% or 4.8% mg/g: Trans-Caryophyllene: .41% or 4.1 mg/g


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about the strain

Doc’s OG is a powerful and enjoyable strain that will leave you in a state of euphoria. With a unique blend of OG pine and fuel scents, you will experience a dizzying high that will tingle through your body. Perfect for an evening or nighttime use, Doc’s OG will provide you with a potent full body relaxation that you won’t soon forget.

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