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lemon swirl

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lemon swirl

lemon skunk and vanilla kush cross creates a sweet cake and fruit flavor.

This sativa dominant strain offers a highly cerebral and stimulated head space. Reported effects include a strong energy boost and focus. Suitable for morning and daytime use.

THC: 20 24% 30% Indica 70% Sativa

Terp (total .95%) Terpinolene: .28% or 2.8 mg/g B-Caryophylene: .17% or 1.7mg


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about the strain

The Lemon Swirl strain is renowned for its exceptional aroma and flavor, reminiscent of ripe limes, and its effects are a harmonious blend of invigoration and tranquility. Its subtle yet invigorating energy makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to indulge in a premium strain while maintaining a clear-headed and composed state of mind.

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